10 Best Mid-Size UTVs of 2024

“Our favourite midsize UTVs for 2024.”

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You know there are a lot of mid-size UTVs in the market but there are only a few that are best. I know finding even a compact UTV can be challenging. Don’t worry, I’ve done the work for you. After doing a lot of research I have made this list.

In this article, we have selected the top 10 best mid-size UTVs from the market that are very powerful, budget-friendly, and look good as well.

Best Mid-Size Side-by-Side UTVs

In short, The best mid-size UTVs are CFMoto UForce 600, Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 R-Spec, Kawasaki Mule Pro Max SE, and Ranger SP 570 Northstar Edition.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Mid Size UTVs.

No.Best Mid-Size UTVsBest for
1CFMoto UForce 600Best Overall
2Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 R-SPECHigh power
3Kawasaki Mule Pro Max SEMid-Size Muscle
4Polaris Ranger SP 570 Northstar EditionFully Enclosed
5Honda Pioneer 700One more option
6Polaris Ranger SP 570One more option
7John Deere Gator XUV590MOne more option
8Hisun Sector E1Electric
9Intimidator Classic EVElectric
10Hisun Sector 450Budget Friendly

1. CFMoto UForce 600

Image of CFMoto UForce 600 UTV


Best forBest Overall
ModelUForce 600
Length111 inches
Horsepower40 HP
Ground Clearance10.5 inches
Towing Capacity2000lb

This is the best mid-size UTV overall because it is priced much lower than other UTVs and comes with premium features and high power, and it also looks good.

The biggest feature of the CFMoto UForce 600 is that this is the best mid-size UTV for money. It comes with a lot of features like a winch, 580cc liquid-cooled engine with 2WD/4WD with diff. lock, cargo bed, half doors, windshield glass front, work light, and turn signals.

It is available in 3colourss – Twilight Blue, Desert Tan, and True Timber Camo. This midsize UTV is a fun vehicle that offers an amazing driving experience.

After buying this mid-size side-by-side, the customers’ reviews are awesome they love the UTV, if you want to see the reviews you can also visit the official cfmoto website.

2. Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 R-SPEC

Image of Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 R-Spec UTV


Best forHigh power
ModelWolverine X2 1000 R-SPEC
Length115 inches
Horsepower100 HP
Ground Clearance12.5 inches
Towing Capacity2000lb

Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 R-SPEC will come on top of our list because there is a powerful engine inside it that generates a power of 999cc.

It has another model (Yamaha Wolverine X2 R-spec) in compact UTV. Still, you do not get a winch in this model, and their price is also cheaper than the listed model, so according to convenience if you want to buy without a winch that is also the best option for you.

This UTV machine is ready to take on the toughest challenges but that’s not all – with spacious seating, versatile cargo options, and advanced technology this side-by-side is designed with your comfort and convenience level in mind. Whenever you buy an expensive UTV, you should get the best UTV insurance for your UTV for protection.

Whether you’re an experienced UTV rider or new to the off-road world, this side-by-side is the best choice for you. According to my point of view, it is the best feature it has a 7.6W LED mono-focus low beam that keeps marks visible in normal conditions, while the 15.2W LED reflector-type high beam handles darker conditions.

It has many features like an interior light package to easily navigate controls, GPS mapping, 14-inch aluminium beadlock wheels, a USB port, and Electric power steering (EPS).

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3. Kawasaki Mule Pro Max SE

Image of Kawasaki Mule Pro Max SE UTV


Best forMid-Size Muscle
ModelMule Pro Max SE
Length111.4 inches
Ground Clearance10.6 inches
Towing Capacity1,500lb

Kawasaki Mule Pro Max SE is a mid-size muscle that offers a perfect combination of power and comfort. This compact UTV length is 111.4″inches.

The Kawasaki Mule Pro Max SE has premium special edition colour and graphics with a 695cc engine. The Mule Pro Max SE has many features for work and fun purposes like a 3,000 LB.-WINCH W/Remote control, sun top, cast aluminium wheels, audio system, and tilt steering wheel.

4. Polaris Ranger SP 570 Northstar Edition

Image of Polaris Ranger SP 570 Northstar Edition UTV


Best forFully Enclosed
ModelRanger SP 570 Northstar Edition
Length108 inches (274cm)
Horsepower44 HP
Ground Clearance10.5 inches
Towing Capacity1500 lb

I noticed that its power is not higher than the ones mentioned above so this question might be coming to your mind why is it on this list? Then the answer is power is might less but the part of this UTV is it is fully enclosed and this is also a 4×4, 4×2 UTV.

It is fully enclosed, so it is suitable for all weather and it has also power for work and play with a 44HP ProStar engine and its length is 108″inches (274cm). You can see the latest features like new LED headlights which are 2k Lumens High Beam, 1k Lumens Low Beam LED Headlights LED Taillamps.

This mid-size UTV has many features like a rear and upper brush guard, gas assist dump box, premium pro-shield cab, DC outlet, 660W charging system, and 4-stroke cylinder.

If you are looking for a compact UTV for trail riding and work this can prove to be the best UTV for you as it has a front brush card, rear brush guard, rock guard with step, and side view mirror door.

Its price is a bit higher than the price of this brand’s mid-size UTV because it has a winch and as you know the price of the winch is approximately $500.

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5. Honda Pioneer 700

Image of Honda Pioneer 700 UTV


Best forOne more option
ModelPioneer 700
Length105 inches
Ground Clearance10.8 inches
Towing Capacity15000 lb

As we all know Honda is already a very trusted brand. If you don’t want to buy the above mid-sized UTV for any reason then the Honda Pioneer 700 is another option for you that has less power than the above UTVs but is enough for hunting, work, and recreational purposes.

It is mid-side UTV with 105″inches in length. There are many additional features like a 675cc engine, next-generation brushless motor, LCD screen, quick-flip seating system, and instrumental display.

Keeping safety in mind, these UTVs have their rules and regulations that are recommended for Drivers 16 years of age and above. There are 3 colours available in this UTV black forest green, sandstone beige and
avenger red.

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6. Polaris Ranger SP 570

Image of Polaris Ranger SP 570 UTV


Best forOne more option
ModelRanger SP 570
Length108 inches (274cm)
Horsepower44 HP
Ground Clearance11 inches
Towing Capacity1,500 lb

Now you might be wondering why two UTVs of the same (Polaris) brand are in the second position and the other in the sixth position because this UTV does not have a winch and is not enclosed and if we talk about power then the power is the same but due to the winch not available and not enclosed design, it is at sixth position.

If you are looking for a versatile and reliable UTV that can handle both work and play? If so, you check out the 2024 Polaris RANGER SP 570, with a 567cc powerful machine and 44 HP ProStar. The RANGER SP 570 also has a comfortable interior that offers ample storage.

We have chosen this UTV as the mid-size UTV because its length is 108″inches (274cm). It has many features like a 1,500 lb towing capacity, integrated in-cab storage, a USB port, navigating small spaces, and a 500 LB gas-assist dump box.

7. John Deere Gator XUV590M

Image of John Deere Gator XUV590M UTV


Best forOne more option
ModelGator XUV590M
Length113 inches
Horsepower32 HP
Ground Clearance10.5 inches
Towing Capacity1,500lb

It is one of the best Mid-Size UTVs with power steering, reliability, and the ability to make short runs on country roads. It is designed for hunting, fishing, recreation, and farming. It is designed for comfort with many vehicle conveniences.

There are also additional features like a 4WD system, interval warning light, Cargo box rail system, Cargo box mat, Easier shifting,  truck-like performance, excellent parking area,1,500lb towing capacity, Sealed under-hood storage, instrument panel, easy entry/exit for operator and passenger, backlit switches and S4 optional under-seat storage.

8. Hisun Sector E1

Image of Hisun Sector E1 UTV


Best forElectric
ModelSector E1
Length110 inches
Horsepower30 HP
Ground Clearance11 inches
Towing Capacity1,500 lb

This is the best electric mid-size size UTV for your budget, you can charge it in 6 to 10 hours. If you want to see the complete list of the best electric UTVs, then we have made a list on this also, you can check by clicking on the link.

The best features of this UTV are the 48 Volt 30 HP AC drive, 42-mile run time on a single charge, 4WD with differential lock, independent suspension, nitrogen-assisted shocks, windshield, winch, and four-wheel hydraulic brakes.

There are many choices of colours available in this UTV such as Grey, black, blue, Hisun red, camouflage, and dark grey camouflage. This option is for all types of tasks.

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9. Intimidator Classic EV

Image of Intimidator Classic EV UTV


Best forElectric
ModelClassic EV
Length113 inches
Horsepower30 HP
Towing Capacity15,000 lb

The Intimidator Classic EV is an electric UTV that comes with 30 horsepower. It is designed for mainly hunting purposes but you also use it for work and fun purposes.

The Classic Intimidator EV comes with standard premium features like a 48-volt electric system,1,500 lbs tow capacity and 1,200 lbs load capacity, 3-forward facing Occupant Bench seat, easy-to-dump bed, high and Low-beam LED Headlights, 4″ dash display and Lester Charging App.

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10. Hisun Sector 450

Image of Hisun Sector 450 UTV


Best forBudget Friendly
ModelSector 450
Length107 inches
Ground Clearance10 inches
Towing Capacity1,200 lb

The best feature of the Hisun Sector 450 UTV is that it is budget-friendly with a 3500 LB Winch and a 454cc Single Cylinder EFI Engine. The best thing about this UTV is it is designed for everyday use.

It comes with wonderful features like Standard with a Roof, Windshield, Side Mirrors, Turn Signals, Winch, and aluminum wheels making the Sector 450 the ultimate budget-friendly Side-X-Side.

The colours available in this UTV are Camo, Tactical Tan, HISUN Red, Avocado Green, and Destroyer Grey. It has Dual A-arm nitrogen-assisted shocks making every arrival smooth.


Although all the UTVs in this list are very good. But If you are looking for a UTV that has high power and comes with many premium features, then the CFMoto UForce 600 and Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 R-SPEC will be best for you. If you are looking for budget-friendly UTV then Hisun Sector 450 is the best choice for you.

If you found this article even a little effective or solved your problem, then share this article with your friends so that they also do not have a problem researching mid-size UTV.

According to my research, I have tried my best to give you as much knowledge as possible so that whatever doubt you have related to your mid-size UTV gets cleared, but if you still have any doubt then comment in the comment box.

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