Polaris Alternatives: 7 Biggest Polaris Competitors

Polaris Alternatives: 7 Biggest Polaris Competitors

Polaris is a reputed and popular ATV/UTV brand, but nowadays there is an era of competition in every field and hence there are many side-by-side UTV brands in the market that are giving competition to Polaris.

After a lot of research, I have chosen the top 7 Polaris competitors and alternative brands for you. So stay till the end of this article to know this.

Polaris Alternatives

Polaris’s biggest competitors are Volcon, Can-Am, Arctic Cat, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and American LandMaster. All these bands are famous in America as well as in many other countries.

Here is the list of the 7 biggest Polaris alternatives.

Polaris Alternatives & CompetitorsDue to
VolconElectric Vehicles
Can-AmSports Vehicles
Arctic CatProvides Competitive Vehicles
HondaReliability & Performance
KawasakiDurability & Powerful Engines
YamahaBeing a huge brand
American LandMasterGood UTV & low price

1. Volcon

Volcon electric UTV brand

Volcon is a new company in the electric vehicle industry and if we talk about Polaris, it has been providing electric vehicles to people for more than 65 years in such a short period Volcon has made a big name in the electric vehicle industry.

But now it has become a big competitor of the company in the matter of electric vehicles because it makes better electric vehicles than the Polaris company.

Both brands make a variety of vehicles like Motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs but Volcon makes the best electric vehicle compared to the Polaris.

The Volcon annual revenue for 2022 was $4.6 million and in 2021 revenue was $0.4 million but Polaris’s annual revenue for 2022 was $8.589B, a 15.46% increase from 2021. If we talk about last year’s revenue then Polaris’s revenue is more than Volcon’s because we all know that Polaris brand is a very well-known company.

As we all know in the future, the electric vehicle market will be huge and Volcon is focusing on making the best electric vehicle, so in the coming year, I believe that Volcon Company will become a huge brand, maybe even become a more famous brand than Polaris in the case of electric vehicles.

2. Can-Am

Can-Am ATV/ UTV brand

Can-Am is a huge brand, Can-Am manufactures its vehicles in Canada and sells them to other countries and people have known its brand for almost 57 years. According to my research, Can-Am is very powerful and awesome especially if we talk about sports side-by-side (UTVs).

The revenue of the Can-am brand is not shown publicly but let us tell you that Can-am comes second in the side-by-side vehicle market with a market share of 13.4%.

The Can-Am makes the best sports vehicle in the world but I think the biggest question coming to your mind would be why you take the Can-Am instead of Polaris.

We all know Polaris is a very well-known brand, but if we talk about the Polaris RZR alternatives (RZR is a Polaris sports UTV Series), Can-Am sport side-by-side are considered better than the Polaris RZR sport side-by-side. The Can-Am brand makes a variety of vehicles like ATVs, UTVs, and three-wheel motorcycles and  According to BRP, they will launch electric side-by-side UTVs by 2026.

From my point of view, if you are thinking of buying a sports vehicle other than the Polaris brand, then the Can-Am brand is a very good option for you.

3. Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat ATV/ UTV brand

Arctic Cat is manufactured in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, USA. There is no doubt that the Polaris brand makes off-road vehicles with excellent performance but if we talk about Polaris’s reliable alternatives then Arctic Cat also finds its place in this list.

It makes all types of off-road vehicles (ATVs, Side-By-Side UTVs, Snowmobiles) that people like very much, whose starting prices are approximately $3,359. If we talk about 2022 year’s revenue of Arctic Cat was $46.6M.

Compared to Polaris, Arctic Cat is a new company in the off-road field and now this brand is giving big competition to Polaris, the work of the Arctic Cat brand is very commendable. Well, both brands make great off-road vehicles, so the choice is yours. My job is to give you an alternative option that makes your decision easier.

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4. Honda

Honda powersports ATV/ UTV brand

Honda is a well-known Japanese UTV company. There would be very few people in the world who would not know the name of this company. This brand is so famous that people judge its product by its name. It will be tremendous because people have blind faith in this brand.

The 2022 year’s revenue for Honda was $26.564B and the revenue in 2021 was $25.67B.

Now the question coming to your mind is what does this have to do with how popular it is, now you are interested to know how Honda is a competitor to Polaris, then the answer to your question is that Honda is more Than Polaris is a reliable and trustworthy brand. Well, Polaris is also a very good brand if we compare it with Honda then Honda is a more reliable brand that we have known since childhood.

If we talk about Honda’s best UTV vehicle, the Honda Pioneer is the best side-by-side vehicle, and its performance and reliability are more tremendous than Polaris. And thus Honda Pioneer is the best Polaris Ranger alternative That’s why we’re calling Honda a competitor to Polaris.

5. Kawasaki

Kawasaki ATV/ UTV brand

Kawasaki brand is very famous for its powerful engine. If we compare it with Polaris then the durability and powerful engine of the Kawasaki brand make it the best brand in the world.

The Kawasaki was established on October 15, 1896. Kawasaki was the third-best-selling UTV manufacturer company in North America in 2022. So I hope it is now clear to you why we have called Kawasaki competitors of Polaris.

Let us tell you that the Kawasaki brand is an older brand than Polaris. If it is an old brand then it is obvious that people trust this brand a lot.

Kawasaki is an international brand which operates in many countries. One very interesting thing about Kawasaki is that Kawasaki has a motorcycle named Ninja H2 which is one of the best and fattest bikes in the world. Therefore, the name Kawasaki is appropriate in this list, because it is a competitor of Polaris.

6. Yamaha

Yamaha ATV/ UTV brand

Yamaha is a very big brand in the world. We all know that the products of the Yamaha brand are very good, there is no doubt about it. Some vehicles of the Yamaha brand are giving very strong and tough competition to the vehicles of the Polaris brand and if we talk about its looks, Yamaha Brand’s UTVs are also very cool in appearance.

The annual revenue of Yamaha Motors in 2022 was $17,313 million and in 2021 revenue was $16,494 million. One thing to remember is that Yama does not only make off-road vehicles, it also makes motorcycles, musical instruments, audio products, and more.

Yamaha Motors manufactures its vehicles in Japan and it sells in almost 200 countries. When it comes time to choose, it is a very difficult task to choose one among these two brands because both the brands are great and there is not much difference in their prices, so you can choose which is suitable for you according to your needs and according to your pocket.

7. American LandMaster

American Landmaster ATV/UTV brand

After seeing the American Landmaster in this list, this question might be coming to your mind why are we writing an American LandMaster in this list? Is it not a big brand or is not making the best UTV as compared to other brands?

The answer to your question is that in America people give more preference to American brands and no doubt the vehicles are also good but as compared to other brands it is not too powerful. The best advantage of American LandMaster according to its features its price is also lower as compared to the other brands.

American Landmaster was founded in 2015 and according to the time period, it is gradually growing and making its network. In such a short time it has become a famous brand in America.

The annual revenue of American Landmasters is $22.0 million. The company has over 150 employees and American Landmaster has 1000 service centres across the USA.

Can Choosing Polaris Alternatives Be a Good Decision?

Yes, according to me choosing Polaris Alternatives be a good decision because there are many reasons that we have just seen in the above article that some brands are also working much better than Polaris.

If you want to buy an electric vehicle then there are two great brands in this market which are Polaris and Volcon but at present Volcon electric vehicles are much better than Polaris.

Now in this article, we have told which brand is famous for what, so according to me, it is a very good decision that before buying anything, check its alternatives, only then we will know whether there is something better than that. It would be more helpful to have something that we can buy and then decide to buy the best brand as per our needs.


Before purchasing anything, compare it, look at its features, look at the price, and then make the decision according to your needs and preferences.

In my opinion, Volcon, Can-am, Honda, and Yahama are very good brands. but if you are looking for a budget-friendly vehicle brand, then America Landmaster will be the choice for you.

If you liked this article then share it with your friends and if you still have some doubts then you can comment in the comment box below, then we will definitely resolve your doubt.

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