Why Are UTVs So Expensive? Shocking Truth!

Did you know some UTVs cost more than $45,000? But why is it so, and which are the affordable UTVs for you? Let’s see…

Why are UTVs so expensive

New companies of UTVs coming into the market are focusing more on electric UTVs because UTV brands know that the future belongs to electric vehicles.

In this article, you will get to know why UTVs are so expensive. what are affordable UTVs and How can you save money?

Why Are UTVs So Expensive Now?

UTVs, also called side-by-sides, are built for off-road adventures and heavy work requiring more durability and power.

The reason why are UTVs so expensive is their engines and suspensions as high-quality materials and new technology are used in making them, and now the demand for UTVs has increased but the supply is very less due to which UTVs have become more expensive.

Now you must be wondering why the supply of UTVs is less when big brands like Polars are in the market.

The main reason for this is the COVID-19 pandemic due to which there is a shortage of labor and materials that have also become expensive some companies are on the verge of closure and the new company that is coming up is focusing more on electric UTV.

5 Most Affordable UTVs Available

While some side-by-side UTVs cost more than $45,000, some electric UTVs and gas UTVs cost less than $8,000. Which are described below.

Here are the 5 most affordable UTVs

#Most Affordable UTVsPrice
2HONDA PIONEER 500$9,999
3HISUN STRIKE 550$10,999
5CFMOTO UFORCE 800$11,399

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Is Buying a UTV Worth It?

Yes, buying a UTV is worth it. But you have to keep in mind that UTVs are made for some specific people like those who have more money to spend on off-road riding and those who do heavy work on their farm, in the wild, and in other places like these.

You have come to know how expensive side-by-side UTVs are and if you use them a lot then they are also very expensive to maintain.

That’s why…

If you don’t have the money to spend on side-by-side UTVs, don’t do it. But if you have the money… you won’t regret it.

How Can You Save Money On Buying a UTV?

How you can save money on buying UTV
Money Saving Tips on Buying a UTV

If you are on a tight budget and want to buy a good UTV, there are many ways by which you can save money while buying a good UTV.

By Research

If you want to save money while buying a UTV, the best way is to compare UTV prices, see its features, and find the brand that is offering the best value.

By Purchasing a Used UTV

There are many people in the market who want to sell their UTV and you will get it at a low price if you buy a good used UTV then you can get as many features as new UTV at a low price.

When buying a used UTV, you need to take care of many things like how much it has been driven, how many parts have been replaced, and how many times it has been maintained.

By Buying a Demo Model

Dealers definitely have demo models. Demo model means those models that are given to people to test when they want to get their new UTV. Such demo UTV models are less driven and you get a UTV similar to a new UTV model at a lower price.

By Financing

If you cannot pay all the money at the time of buying a UTV, then you can also get a loan, with the help of which you can pay month by month for your new UTV, so that you will not be burdened at all. And you will be able to easily pay off the cost of your UTV.

By Off-Season Buying

When the season of the UTV market is over, if you go to buy UTV at that time, then you will get them at a lower price which you can take advantage of. The price of UTVs is lower in the off-season because there are fewer people who want to buy UTVs at that time, due to which dealers are ready to give them at a lower price.

By Buying Basic Models

When you go to buy a new UTV, the dealers will also show you the higher priced model of that UTV but you can go for the basic model as the basic model is always cheaper.

By Package Deals

While buying a UTV, you should also see what other accessories are available with it at a lower price because if you buy the same accessories from outside the market then it may cost you dearly but vice versa. For this, you have to do research.

By Choosing Discount Options

There are many UTV models available on which different types of discounts are available, you can check all those discounts and save your money.

By Negotiation

Whenever you are going to buy a UTV, you must bargain with the dealers and private sellers so that you have to pay less money for the best UTV.

Three Different Types Of UTVs Have Different Price

Types of Side-By-Side UTVs, 6 seater UTVs, sport utility UTVs, utility UTVs
Three Types of Side-By-Side UTVs

Utility UTVs

Utility UTVs start at $8,000.

They are mostly used for hauling wood and other things inside the farm and in the forests and for towing heavy loads as they are specially made for this type of work. These are not designed for use in recreational activities.

The speed of these utility UTVs is very low compared to recreational UTVs. These UTVs also come with doors and roofs that protect you from rain while working. This type of option is in high demand as it can be used for many purposes.

Sport Side-by-Side UTVs

Sport side-by-side UTVs start at $9,000.

Sport side-by-side UTVs are becoming more and more popular because they are used for recreational purposes and are a lot of fun to drive. The speed and power of this type of vehicle are very high and their price is also a bit more.

You cannot use these vehicles for farm work as they are designed for fun and offroad riding and some sports side-by-sides come without roofs and doors. If you want to take this type of vehicle, then you will not regret driving it.

Sport/Utility UTVs Hybrid

This type of UTV is made to do both the work, one for doing heavy work and the other for recreation purposes.

This type of vehicle is mostly called a family vehicle because it comes in a very large size, inside which the whole family can easily sit and do off-roading. Protection is very high in these vehicles and they also have doors and roofs. And their price is also high.


Q.1 Are UTVs expensive to maintain?

Ans. Yes, UTVs are expensive to maintain. Because UTVs are used for recreational purposes and heavy work, their maintenance costs increase, due to UTVs being expensive, and their parts are also very expensive.

Q.1 What Is The Average Price Of A UTV?

Ans. The average price of a UTV is $10,000. While some side-by-side UTVs cost more than $45,000, there are also some electric UTVs and gas UTVs that cost less than $8,000. Which are described below.

Q.1 Who should purchase a UTV rather than an ATV?

Ans. UTVs instead of ATVs should be bought by those people who want more protection in their vehicles as UTVs have doors and roofs and due to these, they are protected from rain, dust, and accidents or those who work in places like farms.


I hope you get the idea of why are UTVs so expensive. There could be other reasons too like sales tax and inflation which increase the price of UTVs every year due to all these factors. UTVs are becoming very expensive

If you want to buy a UTV, then you have to take care of other expenses like UTV insurance, accessories, etc.

If your budget is good, then you must go with UTVS as they improve your work and recreational activities.

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