13 Electric UTV Brands in 2024: Most Innovative Brands

Because of the increasing demand for electric UTVs in the market, many new UTV brands have emerged that blow your mind.

all electric UTV brands, all electric side-by-side brands

First of all, let me tell you one thing. If you see the electric UTVs of the UTV brands in this list, you will also be surprised because they are very powerful electric side-by-side UTVs. Well, there are many UTV brands in the market. But only a few of them are reliable UTV brands, we will tell you about them also.

I know you can’t wait, so without wasting any time let’s get started.

Electric UTV Brands

Polaris, Volcon, Landmaster, and Hisun are well-known electric side-by-side UTV brands in 2024. These electric SXS brands manufacture all types of EV UTVs in many sizes. Whether you need a Works UTV or a Sports UTV, these brands have that UTV.

All popular American, Chinese, and Japanese UTV brands are on this list.

Here is the list of all-electric UTV brands:

No.Electric UTV Brands
5Greenworks Commercial
9Tracker Off-Road

1. Polaris

Polaris electric UTV brand

Polaris is a well-known American UTV brand that is liked by people all around the world. In 1954 the UTV brand was established in the USA. The Polaris UTVs that most people like are the Ranger, General, and RZR UTVs.

As we all know electric vehicles are popular day by day due to their eco-friendly benefits, Polaris is one of the best American electric UTV manufacturers. Polaris makes different types of side-by-side vehicles. They have a Ranger vehicles series made for both work and sports purposes. Polaris makes different kinds of vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles), electric UTVs, snowmobiles, and others.

The cost of Polaris Utility UTVs starts at $10,699 to $29,299, while the sports UTVs start at $6,799 and end up at $27,799. The prices for Polaris side-by-side increase because they come with extra features and advanced technology.

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2. Volcon

Volcon electric UTV brand

Volcon makes a very powerful electric UTV named Volcon Stag. It is one of the most powerful electric UTVs on the market. Volcon company has recently started manufacturing its UTVs in collaboration with General Motors and the price of its electric UTV starts from Rs $41,999.

Volcon is an American UTV brand. Volcon, Inc. was founded in 2020 and is based in Round Rock, Texas. Volcon is a company that makes electric off-road vehicles. They create EV motorcycles with two and four-wheels and utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), also called side-by-sides. They also offer various upgrades and accessories for their vehicles.

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3. Intimidator

Intimidator electric UTV brand

Intimidator UTVs are created by the Intimidator Group. Intimidator makes UTVs, Spartan Mowers, Bad Dawg Accessories, and eNVy Neighborhood Vehicles.

Intimidator creates the coziest, toughest, and most long-lasting UTVs available. They provide high-quality parts and offer various side-by-side UTV models to suit your requirements. Intimidator is a company from the United States that started in 2013. Its main office is in Batesville, Arkansas. On January 14th, 2022, The Toro Company bought Intimidator Group.

The cost of the Intimidator side by side starts from $11,000 to $21,500, which depends on the model you choose.

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4. Vanderhall

Vanderahall electric UTV brand

Vanderhall Motor Works company specializes in creating custom three-wheeled vehicles that are great for sports driving, touring, commuting, and city travel.

Vanderhall Motor Works is an American company that started in 2010 and is located in Provo, Utah, USA. Vanderhall company manufactures all types of electric offroad vehicles named Brawely, Classic, Santarosa, and Balboa. And if we talk about its price, Vanderhall’s electric UTVs price starts at $42,950.

Vanderhall vehicles will have special thermal circuit breakers. These breakers are made to keep high-power circuits up to 200 amps safe and separate. They’re also completely waterproof.

5. Greenworks Commercial

Greenworks Commercial electric UTV brand

The Greenworks brand is very popular for electric outdoor tools, making a wide variety of tools, including UTVs. Greenworks Commercial makes electric side-by-side UTVs with lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries are considered the best batteries. The Greenworks Commercial brand was founded in 2002 and it is owned by Globe Tools Chinese Group. The headquarters of the Greenworks brand is located in Mooresville, North Carolina, USA.

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6. Landmaster

American Landmaster electric UTV brand

Landmaster UTVs are established in Columbia City, Indiana. It was founded in 1959. LandMaster has been making and selling UTVs for both on and off-road use. These side-by-side UTVs are designed to handle tough jobs. It has LED bumper lights, a rear locking differential, strong 8-ply tires for both on-road and off-road use, and stickers that reflect light for safety. The cost of the American Landmaster side-by-side starts from $6,999 to $14,499.

7. Hisun

Hisun electric UTV brand

It is a Chinese company that started in 1988 and first made its parts in Changsha, China. After making the parts, they put everything together in Dallas, Texas and now Hisun is also known for making affordable electric utility vehicles.

At Hisun Motors USA, they offer a full range of high-quality UTVs and ATVsHisun utility UTVs start from $5,949 to $14,799, Sports UTVs start from $5,599 to $14,599, and Electric side-by-side UTVs are priced $13,699.

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8. Rindev

Rindev electric UTV brand

RINDEV is creating cool electric leisure vehicles. They look modern, work well, and last a long time. The RINDEV side-by-side is here to help more people use electric vehicles for fun.

Rindev is a new American side-by-side brand founded in 2020. The headquarters of RINDEV is located in Denver, Colorado, United States. RINDEV says that the Unity electric UTV will have very good features. It has 507 horsepower, a very strong 812 pound-feet of power, and it can go up to 350 miles on one charge if you choose the best version, which costs £39,999. If you go for the cheaper option at £29,999, it can go up to 250 miles on one charge.

9. TRACKER Off-Road

Tracker Off-road electric UTV brand

TRACKER Off-Road side-by-side utility vehicles are tough and adaptable off-road vehicles, but they can go places that big vehicles can’t reach. Tracker builds electric UTV for off-road hunting.

These vehicles have modern engines and drivetrains, high ground clearance, and plenty of space for passengers and cargo. You can customize your TRACKER side-by-side for different activities like trail riding, exploring the wilderness, hunting, or adding protective cabs with full windshields. The cost of this product starts from $7,199 to $19,499.

10. HuntVe

Huntve electric UTV brand

HuntVe was started in 2006 in Fort Worth Texas. The HuntVe is an electric and off-road UTV. HuntVe uses two motors that make the power smooth and quiet without putting too much strain on one motor.

It has a big battery and lots of useful features. There are many models in HuntVE like GAME CHANGER 4X4, GAME CHANGER CREW 4X4, TERLINGUA 4X4, TERLINGUA CREW 4X4, SWITCHBACK HYBRID 4X4, ONRANGE 4X2. The cost of this product starts from $22,481 to $25,739.

11. Envy

eNVy electric UTV brand

In 2013, Fosters formed the Intermediate Group which was created to manufacture world-class utility vehicles, but seeing its success, the Intimidator Group created a new brand in 2020, named eNVy. Which has been designed to meet the needs of golf, cruise, work, and Play. The cost of this brand’s UTV starts from $9,999.

12. Crossfire

Crossfire electric UTV brand

Crossfire will be made in China to meet the specific off-road rules and standards of Nepal. These rules are quite different from those in Australia, which results in Crossfire producing different motorcycle models for each country.

Crossfire UTVs come with lots of great features and are a great choice for all those people who want electric UTVs for farming, fun activities, and business needs. The price of Crossfire UTV starts from $8499 to $18,799.

13. Alke

Alke electric UTV brand

If you’re looking to purchase a new electric UTV, it’s important to consider its technical specifications, quality, and cost. The Alke Electric UTVs are entirely manufactured in Italy and they can carry a weight of up to 1,630 Kg and tow up to 4,500 Kg.

Alke’s utility vehicles will be made for jobs that need dependable, well-made, and practical designs. These electric utility vehicles come from years of experience and testing in this field.

4 Most Reliable Electric UTV Brands

Although you have seen in this list many brands like Polaris, Volcon, Hisun, Greenworks, and more who make electric UTVs. But only a few of them are reliable for you and you need to know them.

Here are the four most reliable electric UTV brands:

  • Polaris: Perhaps you might have heard the name of the Polaris brand before because it is considered a very popular and reliable brand. And it makes all types of off-road vehicles. Hardly any other brand would provide as many features as the Polaris brand provides in its UTV, hence it is a reliable side-by-side brand..
  • Volcon: Volcon is a new American electric UTV brand started by a few people together and they aim to completely change the world of off-road vehicles, this brand also has the most powerful electric UTV on the market.
  • Greenworks: The Greenworks brand is considered a reliable brand for outdoor tools. This also constitutes electric duties. If you see its UTV, you will know just by looking at how much power it has, so it is also considered a reliable UTV.
  • HuntVe: If you want a great electric UTV that’s quiet and strong for hunting or for use on your farm or land, the HuntVe is the ideal choice for you

Conclusion – Electric UTV Brands

In our opinion, Polaris and Volcon are the best UTV brands. Because they make very powerful electric side-by-side. But this brand is a little more expensive than other brands. Therefore, if your budget is less then you can also choose other brands given in this list because they are also very good brands.

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