Jetson One EVTOL Aircraft Price, Range, Specs, Review [2024]

Unveils Jetson One personal eVTOL aircraft vehicle. I will tell you its price, top speed, range, features, safety, and much more.

If you don’t believe that is it real then let me tell you all the information about the Jetson One eVTOL personal electric flying vehicle

Jetson One officially launched their personal electric flying eVTOL aircraft.

Jetson One says its first priority is safety, if one of the eVTOL aircraft’s motors breaks, it will not crash and continue to fly safely and with no danger to the pilot.

Meet the Jetson ONE

Jetson is a Swedish company with a mission to change the way we travel. They aim to make the skies available for everyone with a safe personal electric aerial vehicle.

Jetson was founded by Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan in 2017.

Their Jetson speeder prototype “proof of concept” was finished in the spring of 2018, and until Jetson has been very busy working on a consumer-friendly version.

The project resulted in the Jetson One, a commercially available personal electric aerial vehicle that you can own and fly.

Jetson one personal eVTOL aircraft

Jetson One personal electric eVTOL aircraft vehicle
Jetson aero

Jetson One officially launched their personal electric flying eVTOL aircraft. Its price is $92000 and if you want to buy it then you have to deposit $22,000 in the beginning to book a build slot.

Jetson One eVTOL aircraft is the world’s cheapest personal electric flying vehicle. Because it’s price under $92000 USD.

Well, one thing is very good that this personal flying vehicle which is powered by electricity has eight motors. It is a very cute personal electric aircraft.

You are aware that in today’s time, electric vehicles are increasing more because the vehicles that run on petrol, gas, and diesel cost more than the vehicles that run on electricity.

Jetson One personal eVTOL aircraft specifications

Jetson One personal electric eVTOL aircraft vehicle
ModelJetson One
Jetson one Price$92,000 USD
jetson one controller102 km/h (63 mph)
Jetson one Range approx 34km in 20 minutes
Jetson one Flight Time (85kg)20 minutes
Jetson one Power output88 KW
Jetson one Pilot weight95 Kg / 210 lbs
8 High-power motors Electric
3-axis joystick, throttle leverJetson One Fuel Type
Jetson one LicenseNot required
eVTOL Flight Hight (altitude)1,500 feet above ground level
Jetson One Total motorJetson One Total motors
Jetson one Motor Type Electric Brushless Motor
Jetson one Dimensions2845mm / 2400mm / 1030mm
Jetson one Foldable Yes foldable size 900mm

Jetson One Aircraft Price

Jetson one eVTOL aircraft for sale is available and Jetson says that a complete vehicle cost is $92 000 USD and its booking started. If you want to reserve a jetson one aircraft, you will initially need to make a down payment of $22,000.

All 2022 and 2023 production is sold out, but they are taking orders for 2024 delivery. If you want to buy it, then reserve the build slot soon as all these slots will be booked soon.

Jetson One delivered eVTOL aircraft to you as a partially (50%) assembled kit for home. It contains everything you need, from the aluminum space frame to motor controllers, propellers, and motors, and with this, you receive a detailed build instructions guide.

Jetson One Aircraft Features & Safety

Jetson One eVTOL has 8 High-power electric brushless motors. You don’t need a license to fly this aircraft.

You can control flight with 3 3-axis joysticks, and a throttle lever. This is a fully electric-powered aircraft which will not cost you much to fly and you can fly it at a low cost and it does not pollute our environment either.

Jetson One top speed is 102 km/h (63MPH) and you can fly for 20 minutes according to calculations Jetson One range is 34 km in 20 minutes with a maximum weight of pilot 90 kg (210 lbs) and eVTOL aircraft weight is 86 Kg / 190 lbs and maximum power output 88 kW.

Jetson One eVTOL race car-inspired Spaceframe safety cell design and it looks like a drone, flying car, and cute aircraft.

One thinks is best that Jetson One eVTOL can fly safely with the loss of one motor it’s interesting. Hands-free hover and emergency functions. Triple redundant flight computer. Ballistic parachute with rapid deployment time. Lidar sensors driven terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance.

FAQ: Jetson One Aircraft

Q. You need airports to fly Jetson One aircraft?

Ans. No, you can fly this any place.

Q. Jetson one aircraft available to buy now?

Ans. Yes, all 2022 or 2023 production sold out but they are accepting orders for 2024 delivery.

Q. Where can you park Jetson One eVTOL aircraft?

Ans. You can park it in your garden.

Q. Justin One eVTOL aircraft handle the northern climate?

Ans. Jetson hasn’t specifically mentioned it but Jetson says its first priority is safety and Jetson has tested it in all types of conditions even when one Motor fails still it will land smoothly.

Conclusion: Justin One eVTOL Aircraft

Finally, the future is coming and we can now fly in the air according to our wishes Till today we have come to see these things in films but now this reality has started happening to me too.

Jetson One personal eVTOL aircraft is the world’s cheapest personal electric aircraft that you can buy and fly

Whenever we see such an aircraft, then one thing definitely comes to mind if one of its motors gets damaged then what happened don’t be afraid Jetson says that even if one of its motors fails, it will still fly safely.

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    How much is the price?
    What do I need to fly an evtol as far as license?
    Is it available to buy now?
    Is it possible to fly now?
    Which airports in US California I can use to take off and land?
    Where can I park it?
    How far does it go?
    Where can I re-charge it?
    How much does it cost to charge it?

  2. There is something wrong at the specs (Table above). It says eVTOL Flight Hight (altitude) equal to 15,000 (4921feet). I believe it should say 15,000 (4573 feet)

    • The practical answer is no eVTOL should fly over 1,500 feet above the ground. Going up is only a waste of battery power. The Jetson 1 has LIDAR sensors to expose any obstruction in addition to the pilot’s or operators eyes. For an eVTOL, LIDAR is essential to not hitting an obstruction and getting seriously hurt or killed.


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