Best UTV Trailers 2024 [Reviews and Comparison]

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Are you looking for the Best UTV trailers for you?

This step-by-step guide will show you all types of UTV trailers and will help you a lot in choosing a good quality trailer. The common problem of all UTV owners after buying a UTV is how they’ll transport it because you’re not legally allowed to drive it on most public roads.

This highlights the need for a quality ATV, UTV trailer. But before buying a side-by-side trailer it is very important to know the size, brand, loading capacity, and quality of the trailer.

That’s why after doing a lot of research, I have made a list of the top 10 best UTV trailers with well-known trailer brands.

So, Let’s Get Started:-

What Size Trailer Do I Need?

In short 5×12 foot size trailer can fit a UTV in low cases. But in most cases, you can fit many single UTVs in a 6.5×10 foot trailer, although a 12, 14, or 16-foot long trailer will be necessary for many UTVs.

If we talk simply then we should take a 1 or 2-foot longer size S×S trailer than our UTV size. So, that your UTV comes well in the trailer and does not hang from the back.

What Size Trailer Do I Need For a UTV?

UTV Size (inch)Require Trailer Size
Under 58×108 in. (W×L)5×10 foot (W×L)
Above 58×108 in. (W×L)6.5×12 foot (W×L)
Above 58×132 in. (W×L)6.5×14 foot (W×L)
Above 58×156 in. (W×L)6.5×16 foot (W×L)
For 2 UTVs20 to 22 foot long

UTVs generally come in different widths: the 48-inch (4ft) to 64-inch (6ft) models. The length of adult-sized UTVs ranges from 100 inches (9ft) to 160 inches (14ft).

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Best UTV Trailers

The best UTV trailers are Triton UT, Aluma ES, Tilt PJTrailers, Carry-on Utility, and Triton Enclosed UTV Trailers these side-by-side trailers are available in many sizes.

There are many types of side-by-side trailers which you can choose from as per your needs.

Here are the Ten Best UTV Trailers:

Best UTV Trailers Trailer Type
Triton UTFlatbed Trailer
Aluma ESFlatbed Trailer
Triton FitFlatbed Trailer
PJTrailers TiltTilt Trailer
Legend TiltTilt Trailer
Triton ATVATV Trailer
Carry-On Utility Utility Trailer
PJ Utility TrailersUtility Trailer
Triton vaultEnclosed Trailer
Legend ThunderEnclosed Trailer

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#1. Triton UT Flatbed Trailer

Triton UT trailers series
Triton UT Trailer

The Triton UT series is a complete series of flatbed trailers in which you get to see the four best UTV trailer options of different sizes.

The UT side-by-side trailer series combination of aluminum extrusion and marine grade plywood deck.

The company says its fully welded box frame provides a solid structure that can load and unload UTVs and ATVs for years. According to the size of your UTV, you can choose the best side-by-side trailer from Triton’s UT trailer series which fits your UTV and ATV very well.

Features & Specifications

  • Sealed LED Lights and Wiring
  • Suitable for tough jobs.
  • The Triton UT Trailer comes with a ramp.
  • It is made of aluminum and plywood.
  • You can choose between a single axle and a double axle.
  • A fully welded box frame provides a solid structure.
  • Ten stake pockets welded to the frame provide tie-down points.
  • Independent suspension with a cord rubber torsion axle provides a smooth ride.

#2. Aluma ES Flatbed Trailer

Aluma ES Trailer
Aluma ES Trailer

Aluma company was started in 1992. Currently, they build over 300 trailers per week and this company also gives 5 year warranty to the customer on its best UTV trailers.

However, being a premier company, sometimes the price of its product is high. But it has changed with the new ES trailers. Now you can get a quality trailer at a decent price. The Aluma 7800ESA UTV trailer series comes with an aluminum body and deck. Inside this series, you get three different size UTV trailer models and their size is 10, 12, or 14 feet.

Features & Specifications

  • 4 Tie-down loops (2 per side)
  • Fully aluminum UTV trailer.
  • 7″ Heavy-duty frame rail
  • 14-inch tires, Steel wheels, 5-4.5 BHP
  • LED Lighting package, safety chains
  • Aluminum tailgate – 75.5″ wide × 44″ long
  • UTV and ATV can be easily loaded on this trailer because it has a pre-installed ramp inside.
  • These single-axle trailers have a 3,500-pound rated rubber-torsional axle.

#3. Triton Fit Flatbed Trailer

Triton Fit Trailer
Triton Fit Trailer

Triton fit trailer comes with fully welded aluminum and ramp and you will get to see the size according to your one or two UTVs.

On the front side of this off-road UTV trailer, you get a stopper made of aluminum which acts as protection to carry your UTV and prevents the UTV from colliding further when braking is applied. In the fit trailer series, you get the 10 best UTV trailer models with single and double-axle options.

Features & Specifications

  • Easy to use when loading and unloading.
  • Aluminum fenders are best for long-term use.
  • Its wiring is protected from road debris in the aluminum wireways.
  • LED lighting is integrated into the rear cross members, fenders, and side rails for a clean appearance.
  • Four-cord rubber E-coated torsion axle designed for a smooth ride.
  • Offers two options all-aluminum frame or Aluminium frame with a plywood deck.

#4. PJ Tilt Trailer

PJ Tilt Trailer
PJ Tilt Trailer

Pjtrailers company was estabilized in 1991 and Pjtrailers has become the premier manufacturer in UTV and ATV and more trailers. Tilt trailers are mainly designed to make quick work of loading and unloading of UTVs / ATVs and tilt trailers are the best UTV trailers. PJ tilt trailers are available in many colors black, desert tan, grey, red, tractor orange, and white. Tilt trailers are fitted with hydraulic cylinders to ensure smooth and steady tilt rates.

Pjtrailer’s till trailers are available in various configurations including single or double axle, powered tilts, and more, with a capacity of 5,200 to 28,000 pounds.

Features & Specifications

  • 11° tilt angle
  • Steel frame and steel fenders
  • DOT-approved flush-mount lifetime LED lights
  • PJTrailers offers a 5-year warranty on tilt trailers.
  • Powder coat finishing has been done on it.
  • Available 8 tilt trailer models and you can choose according to your needs.
  • Available in 6 colors black, desert tan, grey, red, tractor orange, and white.

#5. Legend Tilt Trailer

Legend Tilt Trailer
Legend Tilt Trailer

Legend company was founded in 2002 and manufactures all aluminum and aluminum with plywood trailers.

If you want a fully aluminum tilt UTV trailer then Legend aluminum tilt trailer is the best option for you. The Legend tilt trailer is the perfect solution for UTVs, ATVs, golf carts, lawnmowers, and more. This tilt trailer is available in two different sizes one is 7×12 foot and the second is 7×14 foot and both models comes with hydraulically dampened tilt.

Features & Specifications

  • Available in single-axle
  • It has surface mount LED
  • 1-year warranty
  • Stake pockets
  • Fully aluminum UTV trailer.
  • It has 4- 2 hole tie-downs.
  • You can choose between 7×12 or 7×14 foot sizes trailers.
  • It has aluminum tread plate (ATP) fenders.
  • It comes with a simple and easy-to-use design.
  • The wheels of this trailer are made of gunmetal and black aluminum.

#6. Triton ATV Trailer

Triton ATV Trailer
Triton ATV Trailer

It is designed specifically for off-road vehicles and this ATV off-road trailers series makes handling ATVs and UTVs easy.

There are 11 models in the triton ATV series, of which there are models with single axles and double axles in different sizes.

The Triton ATV trailer series is made with all aluminum and plywood deck and comes with twin ramps that will help you load your ATVs with ease. Its independent suspension with four-cord rubber torsion axle(s) provides a smooth ride and four tie-down points. Twin ramps for ATVs are easily stored in an under-deck storage system.

Features & Specifications

  • Twin ramps for ATVs and UTV models.
  • Inside it, you find eleven models.
  • LED lights are sealed and wiring throughout the trailer is sealed.
  • Fully welded frame: aluminum frame and plywood deck.

#7 Carry-on Utility Trailer

Carry-on Utility Trailer
Carry-on Utility Trailer

The Carry-on trailer brand was started in 2005 and manufactures utility, cargo, horse, livestock, and specialty trailers.

Sometimes you just need a simple steel trailer that can haul your UTVs and ATVs and can do the heavy work daily. Its 6-foot wide by 12-foot long deck is covered in marina-grade treated lumber and its payload capacity is 2,015 lbs.

The carry-on utility trailer top rail is heavy-duty tube steel and the rare gate is reinforced for driving UTVs onto.

Features & Specifications

  • White mod wheels
  • 72″ W x 49″ H Rear Ramp Gate
  • It has LED lights
  • Steel Round Fender with Back
  • 3,500 lb. Rated Idler Axle
  • Empty Weight: 975 and Payload Capacity: 2,015
  • There is a handy basket for keeping a few extra items.
  • It is a combination of heavy-duty tube steel and wood.

#8. PJ Utility Trailer

PJ Utility Trailer
PJ Utility Trailers

You’ve seen PJ Trailers’ tilt trailer above that makes your loading and unloading tasks a whole lot easier.

If you are looking for a trailer that can be used to load your UTV and ATV as well as do heavy tasks, then you can check out PJ utility trailers.

These utility trailers come in 8, 10, 12, and 14-foot long size models, and the best size for your single UTV and ATV is 6.5×14 feet in most cases. If you are looking for a trailer to transport your only UTV then the above trailer options are best for you.

Features & Specifications

  • Steel frame
  • Sealed Wire Harness
  • DOT-approved flush mount lifetime side LED lights
  • Flushmount 6″ oval lifetime LED tail lights
  • Its rims are 15″ black mod wheels
  • 9″ x 33″ treadplate removable aluminum fenders
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Different color options are available black, desert tan, grey, red, tractor orange, and white.
  • Many customization options are available in it like coupler options, axle options tail options, and other options.

#9. Triton Enclosed Trailer

Triton Vault Enclosed Trailer
Triton Enclosed UTV Trailer

We have seen many UTV trailers above like flatbed, tilt, utility, and ATV trailers but these are all open trailers.

Open trailers are great in many conditions but they are less able to protect our UTV or ATV from the ravages of the weather. As we can use the cargo trailer in any weather and our UTVs are completely safe inside it.

So if you also want to have an enclosed trailer then you can look for a triton vault enclosed trailer because it is the best UTV trailer.

Features & Specifications

  • Heavy-duty A-frame tongue design.
  • Safer in any weather conditions.
  • It is like a room for your UTVs and ATVs.
  • The aluminum roof and sides fit seamlessly.
  • Available 11 model options from 10’ to 20’ lengths.
  • Full-length axle mount beam.
  • Dual air vents one front high and one rear low.
  • Five-year warranty when registered online.
  • Side access door for convenient entry without having to unload your cargo.

#10. Legend Enclosed Trailer

Legend Thunder V-Nose Enclosed Trailer
Legend Thunder Enclosed Trailer

If you want to see other brands in cargo trailers then the Legend UTV trailer enclosed can also be a good option for you. The Thunder trailer is also available at 5×9, 6×11, 6×13, and 7×14 foot, and with a front-ramp door for UTVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more.

The all-aluminum legend-enclosed trailer delivers tremendous value without sacrificing performance. Inside it also gets to see a wood floor like a triton cargo trailer. These cargo trailers offer strength and reliability with fewer bells and whistles found on our deluxe models.

Features & Specifications

  • Its main highlight is 25 years warranty.
  • Two plastic side air vents.
  • Two electric brakes.
  • Its tire size is ST205/75R14.
  • Silver mod steel wheels.
  • It has aluminum tread plate (ATP) fenders.
  • One euro dome light and exterior surface mount LED.
  • All aluminum frames with wood panel floor and walls.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best UTV Trailer:

  • Determine your hauling needs.
  • Determine the size and weight of the trailer.
  • Determine the quality of the trailer.
  • Evaluate the tow vehicle.
  • The trailer must be compatible with the tow vehicle.
  • Difference between open and enclosed trailers.
  • Determine the type of trailer like flatbed, tilt, utility, and enclosed.

Where Can I Buy a New or Used Trailer?

Where Can I Buy Used Trailers?:

If you want to buy the best used UTV trailer then you have to take care of some things like its condition and how old it is.

There are many places on the internet where you can buy used UTV trailers. If you find a good deal, don’t lose it, take it. You can buy used UTV trailers on Facebook and Craigslist, but you can also check out more UTV-oriented sites.

  • ATV Trader
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace

Where Can I Buy New Trailers?:

If you want to buy new UTV trailers then it gives you more options but at the same time, it drains your wallet a little more.

I will tell you some such sites from where you can buy new UTV trailers and it will also provide you with local dealers’ locations.

  • Triton Trailers
  • PJ Trailers
  • Ramptek
  • ATV Trader


Q1. Aluminum vs Steel Trailers

Ans: Aluminum UTV trailers are very good as compared to steel trailers because aluminum UTV trailers are lightweight, easier to maintain, rust-free, and run well for many years, that is why their price is also high but their maintenance costs less.

Q2. What Size Trailer Is Best For Side By Side?

Ans: In short 5×12 foot size trailer can fit side-by-side in low cases. But in most cases, you can fit many single side-by-side in a 6.5×10 foot trailer, although a 12, 14, or 16-foot long trailer will be necessary for many UTVs.

Q3. What Size Trailer Do I Need For Two UTVs?

Ans: Most single UTVs come in sizes from 100 to 160 feet long, so if you want to haul two UTVs on one trailer, you’ll need a trailer that is 20 to 22 feet long with a double axle setup for extra weight and you need a width of at least 60 inches.

Q4. Will A Side By Side Fit On A 5×8 Trailer?

Ans: No side-by-side will fit well on a 5×8 trailer because the size of most of today’s side-by-side is 100 to 160 feet long and by doing this your side-by-side UTV will hang from behind which is not safe.

Wrap-Up On Best UTV Trailers

I hope you have found the best UTV trailer for yourself from this guide. If you get a good deal in a used UTV trailer then don’t lose it because in new UTV trailers, you will get a lot of options but it can cost you more money.

Before buying any UTV trailer, keep the size in mind. All the UTV trailers I have shown you above are all good in their place and you can buy these UTV trailers as per your needs and design.

I hope you enjoyed this trailer guide please share it with your friends so that they can also buy the best UTV trailer.

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