What is The Purpose of a Spark Arrestor on an ATV?

I will tell you What is the Purpose of having a Spark Arrestor on your ATV or Dirt Bike.

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What Does a Spark Arrestor Do on an ATV?

Spark Arresters on some ATVs or Bikes look pretty cool, but the most important thing is that they do a very useful job, and most UTV brands use it

In many places of the world including the United States, All internal or external combustion engines like ATVs or Bikes must have a spark arrestor by law.

But a spark arrestor is not necessary for Electric ATVs because it has an electric motor, not the engine

I will tell you in this article, What is a spark arrestor?, what is the purpose of a spark arrestor on an ATV?, Do Spark arresters affect performance? Does it have any disadvantages and How do clean clogged ATV arrestors?

Let’s Started:-

What is a Spark Arrestor?

Normally the spark arrestors are made of woven steel wire, similar to like a screen. It’s generally shaped similar to a cone and placed with the mufflers of ATV. This cone is made to stop any spark or fire that tries to exit the muffler by breaking it up. Spark arrestors are screens that limit the size of glowing red particles.

What is The Purpose of a Spark Arrestor on an ATV?

Spark arrestors are needed on all ATVs’ internal four-stroke or two-stroke combustion engines.

Because there is a fire inside the engine and the engine gets very hot and the glowing particles also come out along with the gas from inside the exhaust.

The main purpose of ATVs, Dirt Bikes, and combination engine spark arrestors is to save from fire in forests by trapping any glowing red particles that come from the engines. Spark arrestors are required to ride an ATV in most public riding areas or wilds.

During the 1980s, many ATVs started passing through forests, due to which there was a fear that if a single spark came out of the exhaust of the ATVs, the chances of a forest fire increased. This was particularly a concern in the Southern California region, where wildfires can be highly problematic.

US Forest Service

Because of this, the US Forest Service has introduced a law that all ATV manufacturers have to install spark arresters inside their ATVs’ exhausts.

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Does Spark Arrestor Affect Performance?

Yes, the Spark arrestor affected the performance because the spark arrestor restricts the intake of air or the exhaust of gases, that’s why the Spark arrester affected the performance. This effect is very less so it is not known much, you may only see a slight lack in performance if you do not take care of the spark arrestor.

Is a Spark Arrestor Necessary?

Yes, a spark arrestor is necessary. According to US Forest Service Law, all ATV manufacturers must install spark arrestors with their ATV’s mufflers. This law has been made because it reduces the chances of wildfire. The spark arrester also reduces the performance, that’s why is a spark arrestor necessary.

The USDA spark arrestor guide specifies that all internal combustion engines must have a working spark arrestor. While USDA states you need a spark arrestor to ride on public roads, it is permissible to operate an internal combustion engine without a spark arrestor on private lands. You may not use any internal combustion engines in a public place without a spark arrestor.

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Does a Spark Arrestor Reduce Power?

No, the Spark arrestor does not reduce the power because the spark arrestor is designed for trapping glowing red particles that exit from engines, but if you remove it then you can see the minor lack of performance in it, it is very slight and most won’t even notice it. If you remove It you can’t ride on some places in the world, according to law.


Now you will know what a spark arrestor does on an ATV or Dirt Bike and it is necessary for all internal combustion engines. It is a good device for preventing wildfires by ATVs. If you want to know more about Electric ATVs then you can read our more amazing articles.

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