Odes UTV Out of Business Or Not?

Let us tell you that ODES Powersports is a company and AODES UTV is a brand and both are known as ODES but Odes Powersports has not launched any new UTV after 2021 while AODES UTV brand is still working.

Odes UTV Out of Business Or Not?


  • You must have heard about Odes Desert Cross 1000 UTV, This UTV model belongs to the AODES brand and it is a Chinese brand.
  • The first Odes UTV brand that was popular in the USA is Odes Powersports which is not yet bringing new UTV.
  • But the AODES UTV brand has just come up with its new 2024 UTV lineup.

I know, you must be very confused but don’t worry because I have cleared your confusion and you will know about it in this article.

Has Odes UTV Gone Out of Business?

Both the ODES Powersports and AODES brands are known as the ODES UTV brand, but ODES Powersports is out of business now. And the AODES UTV brand is still in operation.

And now it seems that the ODES industry is doing its rebranding and it is launching its ATVs and UTVs under the name of AODES.

While researching, I came to know that there are many websites of ODES UTV, seeing it is not clear which website is right and which is wrong.

In 2020, Odes Industries, LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company cited financial difficulties as the reason for the filing. And there was some rift going on between Massimo and Odes too.

Should You Buy The Odes UTV Now?

Odes has just rebranded and launched UTVs under the name of AODES and they are becoming very popular.

But is Odes brand reliable?

As of now, I don’t think this brand is reliable. I agree that its UTVs are very good. But if you buy UTV of this brand then after that you may have to face some problems like warranty, services, etc. Because only a reliable brand can provide a good service.

But it may also happen that it may emerge as a reliable brand in the future which you can also trust but it depends on the future. You can check out ODES’ new UTVs from its official website at odesusa.net or aodes.com

AODES UTVs 2024 Lineup

Here is the table of the 2024 AODES UTVs Lineup.

AODES UTV SeriesModels
SportCross1. SportCross 1000
TrailCross1. TrailCross 250

2. TrailCross 400

3. TrailCross Electric
JungleCross1. JungleCross 800 ST

2. JungleCross 1000 LT
WorkCross1. WorkCross 1000-3/1000-6 HV

2. WorkCross 1000-3/1000-6 HAVC
DesertCross1. Aodes DesertCross 1000-3

2. Aodes DesertCross 1000-3 HVAC

3. Aodes DesertCross 1000-6 HVAC

AODES ATVs 2024 Lineup

Here is the table of the 2024 AODES UTVs Lineup.

AODES ATV SeriesModels
PathCross1. PathCross 650 S/L

2. PathCross 800 S/L

3. PathCross 1000 S/L

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