8 Most Common Massimo UTV Problems and How to Fix

Are you facing many problems in Massimo 400, 500, and 700 UTVs? And are you looking for their solution? then this article is for you.

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Massimo UTV Problems

Massimo has been one of the leading companies in developing modern side by side that can satisfy the needs of people.

Massimo UTV is a popular brand in the USA and other countries like Japanese UTV brands, Polaris, Kawasaki, or Kymco UTV. It was founded in 2009. But even after being so popular, people are facing some Massimo UTV problems.

Do you want to know what are those problems? How to fix them? And should you buy this?

In this article, we will talk about common problems with Massimo 400, 500, and 700 UTVs models and their solutions.

WHO Makes Massimo UTVs?

Massimo Motor Sports is a United States-based manufacturer of value-packed UTVs, mini bikes, and ATVs for off-road and on-road. Massimo company was established in 2009 and its headquarters are at 3101 W Miller Rd, Garland, Texas, 75041, United States.

Who makes Massimo UTVs? The Massimo company makes its products with 600 employees hands in the US at a 328,000-square-foot facility located in Irving Texas.

Do you know that in today’s time, Electric UTV is becoming very famous if you want information about it, then you can read our other articles. Sometime back in October 2019, a contract was signed between Odes UTV brand and Massimo, giving Massimo the right to sell certain models of Odes.

Massimo side-by-side is an affordable-priced, high-powered UTV for climbing hills, off-roading, and handling tough terrain.

Yet customers are facing some problems with their Massimo UTV like engine issues, transmission issues, not starting, and poor customer service.

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Common Problems with Massimo 400 UTV

  1. Injector Issues
  2. Customer Service Not Good
  3. Some Parts Not Covered in Warranty

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1. Injector Issues

The injector inside the side-by-side is very important and a faulty injector can cause serious problems with your UTV. As the engine can stop working, it also increases the noise of the engine, and it stutters more often.

Due to a bad injector or accumulation of dirt on it, your UTV performance also decreases and the speed also decreases.

This is a common problem on many side by sides, in most UTVs, the problem comes due to the accumulation of dirt on the injector.

Solution – First of all check the injector of your UTV and see if there is any clogging or leak, if there is then there are two ways to fix it, either replace it with a new injector or take it out to clean it and pass air to test it out.

2. Customer Service Not Good

When we take our new UTV and there is any problem with it, first of all, we go to the dealers or service center of that UTV so that we can get our UTV repaired.

Similarly, some users of Massimo UTV facing service center problems have reported that when problems started coming in their UTV and when they went to the service center or customer care of their UTV, they got the UTV fixed instead of doing, started using excuses.

If you want to buy Massimo side by side, then first of all you should check whether there is any service center near you or not.

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3. Some Parts Not Covered in Warranty

According to the website Massimo side by side, some parts are not covered under warranty like

  • Injectors
  • UTV Hardware
  • Plastic and rubber parts
  • Windshields
  • UTV Winches
  • Seat boards and seats
  • Tops
  • Mirrors
  • Brake, idle, throttle, or shift cables
  • Floorboards
  • Taillight or headlight housing lightbulbs
  • Rear and front wheels
  • Clutch belts
  • Rear and front tires
  • Sway bar and swing arm bushings
  • Rear and front rotors
  • Rear and front calipers
  • Rear and front spindles
  • Rear and front brake pads
  • Rear and front axles
  • Spark plugs
  • Drive chains
  • Throttle, fuel filter, oil filter bodies, air filter
  • Fluids

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Common Problems with Massimo 500 UTV

  1. Not Starting
  2. ECU Failure
  3. Transmission Shifter Issues

1. Not Starting

It can be pretty frustrating when your UTV won’t start and there can be many reasons for UTV not starting.

I’ll tell you three steps to fix it.

Step 1– First of all check if your battery is in good condition and whether it is charged and see if carbon has settled on its terminal.

Clean the terminal of the battery and you will need a volt meter to check the battery.

After that touch both the wires of the voltmeter the terminal of the battery, positive on the negative, negative on the negative, and see if there is any current showing in the voltmeter, if not, then the battery will have to be charged or it will have to be replaced with a new one.

Step 2– If your battery is correct then you have to check other parts like fuel, spark, and fuse box.

Step 3– If all this is fine then the last thing you have to do is to check its injector and I have told you above to fix the injector.

2. ECU Failure

Many users in Massimo side by side have also faced ECU failure which is a serious problem.

Issues can also occur in ECU due to many reasons such as water loss and the biggest reason is due to battery failure.

By the way, this is also a common problem that is found in every UTV and it can also be fixed.

To fix this problem, you have to reset the ECU whose video you will find on YouTube, and if still the ECU is not fixed then you will have to check your battery.

3. Transmission Shifter

Massimo UTV problems, Massimo 400 UTV problems, Massimo 500 utv problems, Massimo 700 UTV problems, Massimo UTV Reviews Massimo UTV Troubleshooting
Massimo UTV Transmission Problem

Due to the transmission system, the gears of the UTV are changed. This is the most important part of gas and petrol UTVs.

Symptom – UTV makes a very loud noise and grinds when you change gears due to lack of transmission shifter.

Solution – First you raise your seat and open the cowl which is in the middle and inside it you will see a lever that changes the gears you have to adjust this lever.

If you don’t understand then watch this video

This is an efficient method that has solved the problem of many users

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Common Problems with Massimo 700 UTV

  1. Engine Problems
  2. Wiring Issues

1. Engine Problems

If you are having issues with your Massimo UTV engine, you can fix them with the following solutions:

Power performance failure – First of all check and clean the air filter, muffler for part block, and spark arrestor.

Popping Noise – Check the connection joint of the exhaust pipe with the engine, muffler for the leak, air cleaner, and admission line for the leak, and check the grade of gasoline to see if it’s too low.

Coolant Boils – Check the dilution of the antifreeze and make sure the ratio is one ratio 1:1 or greater, check the radiator sensor for damage, and check the fan motor for proper operation.

Engine Not Start – Check the coolant drain for air, battery charged, battery connection, starter for damage, ignition is in good condition, spark plug creating sparks, if the air cleaner is blocked, make sure the coolant is not frozen, and the last things check if the exhaust system is blocked.

Engine Not Start in Low Temperature – If the temperature is under minus -18°c have the vehicle placed in a warmer place for start and checks to determine if the battery voltage drops during cold weather.

2. Wiring Issues

Many users are facing wiring issues inside their Massimo UTVs. This is not a common problem.

Whenever Owners take Massimo UTV for offroading, its wires get cut or break due to which Massimo owners have to face a lot of problems.

Like headlight problems, starting system issues, and electric signals.

Solution If you want to fix this problem, then replace its wire with good quality wire so that the wire does not break.

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Owner’s Reviews About Massimo UTVs

Massimo side by side is a very popular brand that manufactures its products worldwide. I will show you that the majority of users feel about 400, 500 a, and 700 Massimo UTVs Models.

By MassBuck400 on utvboard

“Here are my current issues with the B400.

Starting has become a challenge. Not the actual starting of the engine but to keep it running. When I turn the key, it starts up but as soon as I let go of the key and it turns back, the 400 dies. I have learned if I hold the key for a few seconds it will remain running.  Not a clue as to what would cause this or how to fix it?”

By JohnnyB on utvboard

“My Massimo 500 will not start. I’ve checked all the obvious things. It turns over just fine. fuel, spark, and fuse box are all good. I can’t figure it out”

Final Thoughts – Massimo UTVs

You have seen how many problems owners are facing in Massimo UTVs.

There are some common Massimo UTV problems that you can get in every UTV that you can easily fix.

In today’s time, Electric UTVs are also coming with very good performance.

If you want to get a good UTV then I have made a very good list of Best Side-by-side UTVs for you.

I hope you liked this article please share it with your friends so that If they are also facing any such problem in their UTV then they can fix it.

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  2. I have a 400 Buck Massimo atv. I love everything about it except the steering. When I turn the wheel one wheel turns sharp , but the other wheel doesn’t. The wheels do not stay in line. Is there a fix for this?

  3. Bought Massimo 1000 brand new. Problems from the beginning. 105 hours on it. Does not run. Over heats. Called company in Texas repeatedly. No help. Husband had polio. This was supposed to help him get around and have better mobility. 18,000.00 yard ornament. Disgusting. No help from Better Business Bureau. Don’t know what to do. I wish there was a class action suit against them.

  4. I have a 450 buck that’s about 2years old. It has been turned in for warranty 3 times for starting. The way the mechanics fixed it was to put a push button switch in it due to not starting with the ignition switch. I was told that they had to order parts that’s why they did that. I have called them about 6 times, and they did not answer or gave me excesses. Warranty is run out. Now they want to charge me to fix my UTV. What can I do to get the problem fix, AND NOT BY THE DEALER IN OMAHA NEBRASKA. This problem has been happening sense about 2 weeks after purchase.
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