The 6 Most Common Intimidator UTV Problems And How To Fix

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Intimidator UTV Problems and Solutions

Are you facing common problems in Intimidator UTVs like CVT transmission, tires, clutch, battery problems, etc?

So I will tell you it’s solutions.

If you manage your UTV well then this UTV can be a lifesaver in some circumstances. Especially if you live or work in offroad areas. There are many UTV brands that offer the best UTV. When it comes to UTVs, Intimidator UTV in America has made a name for itself over the years.

Yet, the owners are facing common problems with their Intimidator UTV like Massimo UTV problems. Do you want to know what are those problems? And How do fix them? Then I will tell you all its problems and its solutions.

The most popular Intimidator UTVs are Intimidator 700, 750, 800, and GC1K UTVs and electric UTVs. Let’s Started-

Intimidator UTV Problems

The owners have reported some troubles with their Intimidator UTVs like CVT transmission, battery, tires, leaking coolant problems, and other challenges. To fix Intimidator UTV problems, an inspection to detect the main issues is required.

The list of the most common Intimidator UTV problems:

  1. CVT Transmission issues
  2. Battery issues
  3. Headlight Problems
  4. Tires issues
  5. Dealers Location
  6. Leaking Coolant

1. CVT Transmission issues

A CVT transmission helps the engine to operate with more power and efficiency under varying conditions. It does this by changing the gear ratio depending on speed, load, and RPM.

Some owners have claimed about Intimidator UTV transmission failure or trouble where they faced automatic transmission failure while shifting between gears.

Inside the CVT transmission, there are three basic components a driven pulley connected to the transaxle, a pulley connected to the engine, and a belt.

If the CVT has a belt problem then you can replace it with a new one and this problem may be solved. If transmission system failure or problem is still not resolved then either contact the nearest dealer or visit the service center.

If you do not take care of the failing CVT transmission on time, the transmission, starter, and ignition function might entirely stop working after some more miles of operation.

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2. Battery issues

The first step you need to do is to check if the UTV battery is working. One reason could be that the battery doesn’t have enough charge to start the UTV.

Also, sometimes using the battery again and again can cause your battery to drain quickly due to problems.

Connect the volt meter to test the battery and see if it’s not working then remove it and connect it with an external charger and see if it’s charging.

If the UTV battery isn’t charging, you need to change it to new. If it is charging then there may be a problem with your UTV charging system. If there is no problem with your battery, check if the carbon is solidified at its terminal. If yes, then clean it.

Because if the carbon is solidified at the terminal of the battery then the battery does not pass any further current and does not charge.

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3. Headlight Problems

If you are facing you Intimidator UTV headlight problems there could be a lot of issues in it, such as a blown fuse, blown bulb, relay failure, or headlight switch failure.

The first thing you should check is whether your headlight bulb is okay or not. If your headlight bulb is damaged, replace it with a new one.

If your headlight bulb is correct, then check its wire whether it is cut from somewhere or is working properly or not. If all this is correct then if your headlight is still not working and your UTV has a turn signal kit inside then there could be a possibility of relay failure inside this kit. Then you will need to contact your UTV local dealer to order a replacement part.

4. Tire issues

UTV is designed for off-road or works so that we do not face any problems while off-roading.

There are many companies in the world that make their UTV score best like top Japanese UTV brands.

The most important thing in a UTV while off-roading or working is its tires. If you do not have a good tire inside your UTV, then you will have to face many problems while offroading. As the Intimidator crew UTV has small tires inside it gets stuck while offroading in the mud.

That’s why you always have to use good, strong, and big tires in your UTV which will also protect the rim of your UTV from breaking.

5. Dealers Location

One of the most important things you also have to keep in mind while buying a UTV is whether there is a dealer of this UTV near you or not.

Because it is common to have problems inside UTV while offroading or doing any work. And at this time you may need a dealer service center. Intimidator UTV dealers are found only in the US and are also found elsewhere in the US.

If you are buying any Intimidator UTV, then you must also check dealer locations near you.

6. Leaking Coolant

Another problem all owners have faced with this all-terrain vehicle is leaking coolant. If you are facing a leaking coolant problem in your Intimidator UTV then the primary reason is the radiator clamps.

First of all, check your radiator clamps, if the clamps are blue, they need to be replaced with new ones. You can contact your local dealer to order new-style radiator clamps.

If you want to fix the leaking coolant problem yourself, then you will need a few tools.

Owner’s Reviews About Intimidator UTVs

I will show you what the majority of the users feel about Intimidator UTVs.

If you take good care of your UTV regularly, you shouldn’t have these problems, and I’ll give you a tip that engine oil should be changed every 5,000 miles or less, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

On many forums, users have expressed their opinions about their Intimidator UTV. Here are some reviews that I have collected that may be of interest to you.

By fswan on prcforum

“Was looking at them a year or two ago. Impressive specs! One big downside would be the dealer locations, nearest one to me is 2 1/2 hours away.”

By rbwbigcountry on side by side world

“New to the forum and just purchased my first SXS at age 51, went with the Intimidator GC1K great looking machine, very comfortable, and has tons of power with the 997 cc 83 hp engine. I got it on May 17th and two days later the shifter handle broke off in my hand, they had put a threaded extender on it and it broke off at the threads, I pulled it off and welded the two together, and contacted the dealer.

I’m very thankful for the dealer and Intimidator correcting all of the issues

FAQs About Intimidator UTV

Q1. Who Makes The Intimidator UTVs?

Ans. Intimidator is an American UTV brand it’s UTV made by Intimidator Group and it is owned by Robert and Becky Foster. Intimidator manufactures world-class American-made side-by-side UTVs with more comfort, stability, power, and performance at the cheapest price.

Q2. Intimidator UTV vs Polaris Ranger?

Ans. Polaris Ranger is more popular than the Intimidator UTV brand and it comes with an affordable price. Intimidator is found only in the USA and its starting price is $13,599 Polaris manufactures its UTVs worldwide with a starting price of $10,999.

Q3. Are Intimidator UTVs Any Good?

Ans. Yes, Intimidator is a good 4×4 UTV brand that manufactures UTVs and electric UTVs in America. Intimidator UTVs come with comfort, more strength, more power, And the best performance.

Final Thoughts

Intimidator UTV is very good like other brands’ UTVs, it also comes with crew UTVs which people like to buy because it provide a very good experience, comfort, and stability.

Also, our job was to talk about the Intimidator UTV problems, not to dissuade you from getting one. If you are buying the best UTV, then you must keep the above things in mind.

I hope you liked this article please share it with your friends so that If they are also facing any such problem in their UTV then they can fix it.

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