4 Most Common Hisun Sector 750 UTV Problems and How to Fix

Are you facing common problems with Hisun Sector 750 UTV like CVT transmission, not starting, clutch, and engine issues, etc, So I’ll tell you how to fix them

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Hisun Sector 750 UTV Problems and Solutions

Hisun Sector 750 UTV is designed for any challenges with world-class engineering, Texas testing, and a 2-year warranty.

Even after being so popular, users are facing common problems with their Hisun Sector 750 UTV. Like Intimidator UTV problems and Massimo UTV problems.

Hisun Motors Corporation is a Chinese company, founded in 1988. This company manufactures power sports vehicles globally. Do you want to know what are those problems? Why do these problems come? How to fix them? And should you buy this?

Then you have come to the right place.

I will tell you all about the Hisun Sector 750 UTV problems, its solutions, and specs. Let’s Started –

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Hisun Sector 750 UTV Specs

The Hisun Sector 750 EPS 735cc 4-Stroke EFI Engine delivers plenty of power for any challenges.

Hisun 750 UTV comes with many features like pre-included parts, Equipped with 4-wheel Drive, Locking Differentials, Dual A-Arm Nitrogen Assisted Shocks, etc.

Hisun’s 3500 lb. standard winch gives you the confidence to pull heavy things and do the toughest work. The Hisun Sector 750 puts you above in a class.

ModelSector 750 EPS
Top Speed52 mph (Est.)
Cargo Bed Capacity 500 lbs
Towing Capacity1,500 lbs
Winch3,500 lbs
IgnitionCamo, Tactical Tan, HISUN Red, Avocado Green, Destroyer Grey
Fuel Capacity2 Year
CoolingLiquid cooling
Fuel Capacity7.5 gal
Wheel Base76.5″
Drive Mode4WD
Person Capacity 2 Person

Most Common Hisun Sector 750 Problems

Till now, no user has reported any big problem inside Hisun Sector 750 UTV, but some users are facing common Hisun Sector 750 Problems according to need and after some time use.

Are you facing Hisun Sector 750 Problems like Clutch, not starting, gear shifter, and performance issues I have given solutions to these problems for you below.

1. Engine Issues

Many Hisun UTV customers have complained about the frequent experience of engine issues.

The engine is the most important part of every UTV Because if the engine does not work properly, it will not be able to give full power to the UTV. If you are also facing any such problem in your Hisun Sector 750 UTV, then I have told you the solutions to these problems below.

How to fix Hisun Sector 750 engine problems:

  • Popping Noise issues – Check the connection joint of the exhaust pipe with the engine, muffler for the leak, air cleaner, and admission line for the leak, and check the grade of gasoline to see if it’s too low.
  • Power performance issues – First of all check and clean the air filter, muffler for partly block, and spark arrestor and last thing is to check the tire pressure.
  • Coolant Boils issues – Check the dilution of the antifreeze and make sure the ratio is one ratio 1:1 or greater, check the radiator sensor for damage, and check the fan motor for proper operation.
  • Engine Not Starting – Check the coolant drain for air, battery charged, battery connection, and starter for damage, ignition is in good condition, spark plug creating sparks, if the air cleaner is blocked, make sure the coolant is not frozen, and the last things check if the exhaust system is blocked.
  • Engine Not Start in Low Temperature – If the temperature is under minus -18°c have the vehicle placed in a warmer place for start and check to determine if the battery voltage drops during cold weather.

2. Gear Shifter Issues

UTV gear shift issues are among the most common ones all over the world, some users have their Hisun UTV being unable to shift the gear properly after a some time period.

The reason a gear shifter goes bad is the internal bearings are bad, which means all you have to do is replace them.

3. Clutch Problems

Another common problem faced by Hisun Sector 750 users is a clutch issue, he also mentioned his disappointment over the failure of the clutch.

This problem occurs due to the faulty clutch belt and dirt accumulation inside the UTV which comes after some time or after some distance drive.

First of all, clean your clutch properly. You can also use pressure air to clean it and then replace its bad belt with a new one.

If you have replaced the clutch belt and your clutch is still having problems like loud noises, then you should take your UTV to a mechanic as he will be able to fix your UTV properly.

If you want to fix it by yourself you can watch this video:

4. Issues with Warranty

Hisun company offers only 2 years warranty for Sector 750 which is not enough according to many customers.

Also, some users complained that, when they have problems with Hisun UTV and they contact the manufacturer to resolve issues with warranty, they seem to be very reluctant to respond.

Maintenance Tips For Hisun Sector 750 UTV Owners.

If you maintain your Off-roading vehicle properly, then you will get rid of many problems with your vehicle. So, you should know about vehicle maintenance better than others.

Charge Battery Regularly

Like cars, the battery is a very important part of a UTV as it helps all the electrical parts of your UTV work.

You should charge the battery of your UTV regularly because if you do not start your UTV for a long time or do not charge the battery then you may have to face electrical problems inside your UTV.

Keep Connected with Dealers

You should stay connected with the dealer of your UTV because if you face any kind of problem with your UTV then you can contact them and ask for its solution.

Therefore, you should collect the numbers of the dealers of your UTV so that you can call them at any point in time.

Use Good Oil

If you do not want to face engine problems inside your UTV, then you should use good quality oil in the engine of your UTV. And take care that it is not sticky.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Hisun UTV?

Hisun Motors Corporation is a China-based company, founded in 1988. This company produces scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs strictly in China.

After 2011 Hisun was ranked number 6 on the list of largest UTV producers in North America. Hisun UTVs manufacturers UTVs and ATVs all over the world and people also like to buy these UTVs.

I also discovered that most of the Hisun UTV customers and users are very happy with their decision and claim that Hisun UTVs have enough power to do the toughest tasks. Some even claimed that Hisun UTVs come with the best price in this class.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article will be very useful for you. As UTVs move through rough and dusty terrains, problems are common for them.

Regular maintenance and troubleshooting will reduce the chances of problems so you should take good care of your UTV. Most of the All Hisun users are satisfied with their Hisun UTVs But there are some people who are facing some common Hisun Sector 750 problems.

There are many brands that offer the best side-by-side in the market like Japanese UTV brands, Polaris UTV brand, and Kymco UTV brand.

The best thing is that Hisun offers a variety of different models in their Vehicles for a wider selection of power levels and performance making it easy to select a vehicle perfect for you, and the task you plan to do with it.

I hope you liked this article please share it with your friends so that they can also buy good Utility Vehicles (UTVs). 

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  1. Great site…I have looked everywhere, contacted everyone and getting nowhere.
    I bought a new hisun sector 750.
    I took it out on a dirt road. There is only 1 mile on it and it just stopped, going 15 mph??
    No power to the panel. It is as though the battery just fell out.
    The battery is fully charged. No one seems to have a clue. Got on the utv board posted on the board but no hits. Any help?

  2. I bought a sector 750 in Sept 2021. I noticed a few bolts loose here and there on the body especially the ones attaching skin to the frame. Recently the air-intake hose came off the motor side from a factory loose hose clamp. This caused a fired burning most of the main wiring harness and the air-intake sensor. I was surprised to find out from the dealer in Hattiesburg Ms (Honda) that this was not covered in the warranty. I would think faulty craftsmanship would be covered but it could be the dealer needs a tune up from Hisun.

  3. dealer in Laredo won’t even answer any questions about warranty all they say is leave it and it will be a 3 month wait to scan the codes
    This happened the 3rd day I bought it..


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