Top 5 Chinese UTV Brands 2024 And Best Chinese Side-by-Sides

Chinese UTV brands are very popular for their power and affordable prices, so in this list, we have picked the top Chinese UTV manufacturers and best side-by-side UTVs.

Top 5 Chinese UTV Brands 2024 And Best Chinese Side-by-Sides
Chinese UTV Brands in 2024

There are many manufacturers in the market that make different types of UTVs such as Japanese UTV, American UTV, and Chinese UTV. Chinese UTVs give tough competition to big brands. If you want to see the popular UTV brands of 2020, then now you can see our list of 17 UTV brands.

Looking at Chinese brands, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is which one is the best manufacturer? And which is the best UTV? That’s why we answered all your questions in this list.

Chinese UTV Brands

CFMoto, Aodes, and Hisun are the best Chinese UTV brands and these manufacturers make the best Chinese side-by-sides as well.

Here is the list of all Chinese side-by-side UTV brands:

No.Chinese UTV Brands

1. CFMoto

CFMOTO Brand Logo

The CFMoto was established by Zhejiang Chunfeng Power Co. Ltd in 1989. Their main office is in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. This brand is famous for making high-quality and affordable motorcycles and ATVs.

The best thing about the Chinese CFMoto is that it has great features but is also affordable for you. This brand is famous in more than 80 countries. This brand is made for hunting, farm work, and fun purposes. CFMoto makes many types of vehicles like ATVs, Side-by-Side UTVs, Motorcycles, and Accessories but this is popular from ts ATVs and motorcycles.

The starting price of CFMoto UTVs is from $10,799 to $18,299.There are 3 CFMoto UTV series Zforce for sport side-by-sides, Uforce for UTVsa, and Cforce for ATVs. This is the best budget-friendly brand in which you get speed, power, range, and other great features that make your drive wonderful.

2. Aodes

Aodes Brand logo

I know Odes brand must have come to your mind after hearing Aodes name, but you are right to some extent. Because both the Odes and Aodes brands are brands of one Chinese company. But the Odes brand is now out of business, so they have rebranded their brand with the new Aodes brand name.

 In 1983, the Aodes brand was established by Shandong Liangzi Power Co., Ltd.

The products are popular among various regions and countries, including North America, Europe, Oceania, Australia, South America, Asia, and Africa, among others. AODES always provides creative, top-level, high-quality UTVs. This brand’s UTV is best for adventures and work.

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3. Linhai

Linhai Brand Logo

Jiangsu Linhai Group was founded in 1956 in China. This is another Chinese brand with lots of features. The Linhai Group has company have over 40 expert production lines that work to different needs. These help a lot with developing and making products. Linhai brand exports their side-by-side (UTVs) all over the world.

Linhai UTVs are suitable for small tasks, but they may not be as robust and powerful. LYM is a sharing between Yamaha Motor Co. and Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Corp. That’s why you often see the name “Linhai-Yamaha” in many places. Linhai brand manufactures these types of vehicles like ATVs, Side-By-Side UTVs, scooters, and others.

4. Hisun

Hisun Brand Logo

HISUN Motors Corp. has manufactured good quality and revolutionary utility task vehicles (UTVs) and ATVs. Hisun also produces the best electric utility vehicles and its popular electric UTV model is Hisun Sector E1.

Hisun UTV brand manufactures motorcycles, scooters, utility task vehicles, UTVs, and ATVs strictly in China. Hisun Motors Corp. The Chinese company was founded in 1988 and its parts are initially manufactured in Changsha China. Once the parts are made, the final assembly occurs in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Most of their UTVs come with a hard-top roof, side mirrors, nitrogen-assisted shocks, a two-piece windshield, and a heavy-duty, 3,500-pound winch.

5. Apollo

Apollo ATV and UTV Brand Logo

Apollo brand that manufactures side-by-side UTVs under Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturer Co, from 14th February 2003. The first headquarters was in Wuyi City. Apollo Bikes are Perfect for Beginners because it is lightweight and it is easy to control. These UTVs are durable, reliable, and affordable. This brand is also budget-friendly but there is no comprise in their quality. Apollo brings different types and sizes of UTVs every year. But Apollo Brands has not been manufacturing UTVs for some time.

5 Best Chinese Side-by-Side UTVs

No.Best Chinese Side-By-Side UTVs
1CFMoto UFORCE 600
2CFMoto UFORCE 1000 XL
3Hisun Sector E1
4Hisun Sector 750
5Linhai T-Boss 550 4×4

1. CFMoto UFORCE 600

ModelUFORCE 600
Top Speed38 mph
Displacement 580cc
Horsepower40 HP @6250 rpm
Torque36 FT. LBS @5250 rpm
Ground Clearance10.25″
Towing Capacity2,000 LBS
Rear Cargo Capacity600 LBS
Person Capacity2 person
Engine 4-Stroke, SOHC, 4-valve single cylinder
Cooling system Liquid Cooling
Fuel Capacity 9.25 gallon

CFMoto is the top Chinese side-by-side UTV in the market.CFMoto Starting price from $10,799 with a 1-year Factory Warranty. It is purposefully engineered for U6, High contrast 160w LCD source unit,6.5” coaxial speakers, and High-impact HDPE composite enclosure.

The UFORCE 600 is made for everything like hunting, transportation, and also on the farm. This is a budget-friendly module. It will provide you with extra strength, excellent performance, and a comfortable ride. UFORCE 600 has a 580cc engine that gives you 2,000 LBS Towing Capacity.

2. CFMoto UFORCE 1000 XL

ModelUFORCE 1000 XL
Top Speed70 mph (Est.)
Horsepower71 HP @7000 rpm
Torque60 FT. LBS @6500 rpm
Ground Clearance11.4″
Towing Capacity2,000 LBS
Rear Cargo Capacity1000 LBS
Person Capacity6 person
Engine4-Stroke, SOHC, 8-valve V-Twin cylinder
Cooling systemLiquid Cooling
Fuel Capacity10.5 gallon

CFMoto UFORCE 1000 XL is an excellent Chinese UTV for you and your family. The price of UFORCE 1000 XL is $15,299.In 2024 UFORCE 1000 XL has more space for people, a stronger structure, and better brakes. There are many features in UFORCE 1000 XL like Electronic power steering (EPS), LED headlights, Canadian CVTech automotive drive system, 790kg towing capacity, with 53kw (71hp), and an Adjustable driver’s seatMultifunctional digital dashboard.

3. Hisun Sector E1

Hisun Sector E1 UTV
Hisun Sector E1
ModelHisun Sector E1
Top Speed25 mph
Range45 miles
Horsepower27 HP
Torque220 ft-lbs
Ground Clearance11 in.
Towing Capacity1,500 lbs
Payload Capacity500 lbs
Person Capacity2
Battery Type48v Dry Cell Battery
Motor TypeAC Induction

HISUN Motors Corp in the USA was founded by HISUN Motors. The headquarters of HISUN is in McKinney, TX, HISUN Motors Corp., USA. The price of Hisun Sector E1 is $13,699. In these UTVs, there are 5 colors available. There are many features like it runs 42 Miles on a single charge, and it has 48 VOLT, 30 HP with over 220 FT. LBS. of Torque.

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4. Hisun Sector 750 EPS

Hisun Sector 750 EPS
Hisun Sector 750 EPS

The Hisun Sector 750 is the most budget-friendly as compared to other UTVs. The price of Hisun Sector 750 EPS UTV is $14,299. It is designed for both work and fun purposes, to handle difficult tasks and open fields. There are many features in UFORCE 1000 XL like they have side mirrors, indicators, fancy wheels, four-seaters, electronic fuel injection (EFI), and four-wheel drive when needed.

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5. Linhai T-Boss 550 4×4

Linhai T BOSS 550 UTV
Linhai T-Boss 550 4×4

It is the last best Chinese UTVs on this list and these utilities are designed for hard work with low operating costs. Linhai T-Boss 550 4×4 UTV price is $13,499. Linhai UTV has a 550cc engine, 4-stroke, and single-cylinder. The overall look of this UTV is mind-blowing.

Where to Buy Chinese UTVs?

You can choose Chinese UTVs on the internet, but purchasing them becomes a very difficult task as they are not easily available. But you do not need to worry about all this, because we have given the solution to this problem of yours also below.

You can buy Chinese UTVs for yourself in the easy ways given below.

  • Find a Chinese UTV Dealer: Many dealers in the market sell Chinese UTVs. So you should go to the offline market and find them or you can also search the dealers near you on the internet.
  • Buy Online: Nowadays, ordering side by side online is so common. Because every brand provides a buy button on its website itself and displays the location of its dealers on its official website from where you can easily choose the dealers near you.
  • Buy from an E-Commerce Site: You can buy these Chinese UTVs from E-Commerce sites like Superatv, ATVtrader, Amazon, Alibaba, or their official website.

Conclusion – Chinese UTV Brands

If you like any of these UTVs and Chinese brands, then you should look at other brands also because you all know that some Chinese brands are not reliable. If you want a reliable UTV brand then I would suggest you look at other brands also.

I hope you liked our research, please share it with your friends and save our website for such interesting information.

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