Are Odes UTVs Any Good? – Common Problems [2024 Reviews]

Odes Brand’s UTVs are popular brand but they have many minor problems which you should know before buying any Odes side-by-side UTVs.

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Are Odes UTVs Any Good?

Are you thinking of buying Odes UTVs and you don’t understand that Are Odes UTVs any good? it is value for money? And What are common Odes UTVs problems?

So you do not need to worry because I have completed your work and I have answered all your questions related to Oodes side by side in this article, There are many famous UTV brands like Kymco UTV and some Japanese UTV brands. After reading it will help you to get a good side-by-side UTV.

let’s take a look at the top 5 best Odes UTVs and their most common problems.

About Odes UTV Brand:

Odes is the biggest brand in UTV and ATV. Odes UTVs are developed and engineered in the USA. Odes brand says “Our mission is to be the industry leader for ATVs or UTVs in technology development, suspension invention, as well as America’s most trusted UTV brand.

After achieving success in the USA, now Odes brand is now making its name in Europe mainly where ATVs and UTVs are used for everyday work.

By the way, now electric utility vehicles are also becoming famous very fast in the market.

The Odes Powersports Brand builds its models with a comfortable ride and style in mind and has been manufacturing all types of Powersports vehicles for a long time now.

Who Makes Odes UTVs?

Odes is a big brand and recently in the USA, there has been a huge contract between Odes Asia & SC worldwide under which Odes Brand will make their own Odes UTVs and ATVs and find out whether it is secure or not.

The Odes brand makes its own UTV frames and other parts and also tests its quality and safety to see if it safely meets the demands of European customers. Odes will also maintain its marketing and branding within this contract.

And build more and more trust in people so that more and more people buy their side by side.

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Who Makes Odes UTVs Engines?

Odes brand self manufactures high-performance engines for its UTVs and ATVs and it makes its engine from scratch to finish. Odes brand UTV engines are very powerful and have the inability to do your work.

The Odes brand makes its side-by-side engines very carefully so that it does not face any kind of problem. The Odes Brand uses EFI 4 Stroke engines on demand 4WD.

Karcher says that Odes Brand also uses 800 V2 EFI engines inside their UTVs, where there is a need for more power and durability So that their UTVs can handle heavy tasks easily and the owner does not face any kind of problems.

Where are Odes UTVs Made?

Odes Industry LLC is a Powersports UTV or ATV-producing brand and Odes Brand designs, develops and manufactures its UTVs and ATVs in the United States. Odes Brand Headquarters was founded in Fort Worth, TX, USA.

Although it makes its UTVs and ATVs all over the world it is most famous in the USA and people like to buy them too.

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Are Odes UTVs any Good?

Yes, Odes brand UTVs and ATVs are very good they test their UTVs in many ways like 3000-mile durability test, and even other parts are tested like the switches over 2000 on/off cycles and it gives quality products to the customer.

Many UTV models of the Odes brand are very famous such as Odes Dominator or Odes Comrade. Odes are one of the top UTV and ATV brands and come with a 4-Stroke EFI powerful engine on 4WD demand.

Top 5 Best Odes UTVs of 2024

This is a list of the top 5 best Odes UTVs of 2022 for off-roading, utility works, and long travel with family.

  1. Odes Comprade 450
  2. Odes Comprade 750
  3. Odes Ravager
  4. Odes Dominator X4 800cc
  5. Odes Dominator X4 1000cc

#1. Odes Comprade 450

Odes Comprade 450 is the lowest-priced Odes UTV priced at $9,399. This price includes all taxes only for the USA.

The Odds Comrade 450 UTV has a top speed of 35 miles or 25 horsepower. It is powered by a 352cc four-stroke engine. The front or rear of this UTV gets twin A-Arm independent suspensions. Corporate 450 UTV is assembled in Texas USA.

#2. Odes Comprade 750

A 694.6cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine has been given inside the Comprade 750 UTV.

Its towing capacity is 1520 and it has been given liquid cooling. The price of Odes Comprade 750 UTV is $12,799 including all taxes and this price is for the USA only if you buy it in another country then the price may be different

The Comrade UTV gets double A-Arm suspension at the front and rear. It is a four-wheel drive UTV which will give you a great experience.

#3. Odes Ravager

the revision is the best in class for the value and its price is $14,999.

Ravager is a sport utility vehicle with 3,000 lbs towing Capacity and its ground clearance is 16″. Odes Ravager UTV is good for off-roading and daily work. Because it has a maximum torque of 5500 rpm. It also gets patented Vi-lock suspension in front and rear and also has four-wheel disc brakes which are very powerful.

#4. Odes Dominator X4 800cc

Dominator 800cc UTV is best for flat terrain, closed-course racing, and jumping. And the power of 60 horsepower has been given inside it.

It is a 5 seater utility vehicle and its doors are made of a very strong metal frame. Inside it, you get a digital display, speedometer, odometer, tachometer, front bumper, and front wich. which will help you a lot in riding.

#5. Odes Dominator X4 1000cc

If you want to travel long distances then Dominator X4 1000cc UTV is a very good option for you. Dominator 1000cc is best for rough terrain, climbing, and off-roading. Inside this UTV you will get good stability and comfort while riding. Dominator X4 1000cc Price is $19,999 and includes all taxes. Only for the USA.

Is Massimo and Odes The Same?

Odes Brand was founded in 2011 and some time ago in October 2019, a contract took place between Odes and Massimo, giving Massimo the right to sell some of Odes’ models.

According to Casetext, In March 2020, Massimo bought certain assets from the bankruptcy estate of one of ODES’s distributors, and In October 2021, the exclusive Odes distributor agreement expired. 

Are Odes UTVs Made in the USA?

In 2018, Odes Brand expanded its production process and relationships in the USA.

Yes, Odes Brands is making its UTVs in the USA. This brand developed, engineered, designed, and manufactured its products in the USA. This brand is located in Fort Worth, TX, USA. The main mission of the Odes brand is to make it the most trusted brand in America. And it is now manufacturing its products all over the world.

5 Most Common Problems With Odes Dominator 800 UTV

If you do not want to bother with UTV problems, then you can check my list of the top 5 best UTV insurance companies.

1. Squeabing Breaks

There is brake squibbing inside this utility vehicle which is not a big issue you can solve it by pouring good oil.

2. Tire Leaks

If the utility vehicle is leaking, make sure all the bolts and screws on your UTV are tight. UTV tire leaks can also happen due to rusting of bolts or screws.

3. Inadequate Cooling

If your utility vehicle is overheating, there could be many reasons for this. If damage occurs in the radiator or other cracks it can cause excess heat which can eventually result in overheating.

4. Wheel Bearing Failure

It is a common issue and If Your Utility Vehicle Is Getting a Wheel Bearing Failure then you can fix it by replacing it with a new one. You can do this work yourself or you can get it done by a mechanic.

5. Hot Interior In Summer

The Dominator 800 is a closed utility vehicle and if your cooling system is not working properly, the chances of overheating inside it increase in summer.

If you are facing this problem, then you can get a good cooling system installed in it so that this problem will be solved.

Final Thoughts – Odes UTV Brand

You read all Odes UTV pros and cons and yes it has some drawbacks but it is a normal drawback that can be found in every utility vehicle. So you should know all the above-mentioned things about this UTV before buying it.

In this, You will get to see all types of UTV models such as Sports Utility Vehicles and Family Utility Vehicles.

I hope you liked this article please share it with your friends so that they can also buy a good Utility Vehicles.

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  1. I have an odes dominator I bought new in 2012. My problem with it is the steering wheel is locked and won’t turn. How do I fix this

  2. So I just purchased a 2023 Odes Desert cross 1000 I put 76 miles on it and I took it about 2 miles to the gas station and it wouldn’t start back up I still had a quarter of a tank. So the battery died, pulled it home recharged the battery and it will start but after a few minutes driving it dies again and won’t start until I leave it for an hour. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks

    • When the gas runs out, we repeatedly try to start it, due to which air enters the pipe of the gas, due to which it cannot start, but after some time it starts normal when its pipe Air comes out of it.

  3. I have a 2020 odes 1000 dominator it has 300 miles. It just started to Jerk and die out like the clutch is slipping. We changed the primary and secondary clutch and also done a fuel oil change on it. Is still.doing the same thing any help would be appreciated.

  4. Thinking of buying a 2016 Dominator 1000…1134 hours. Are these prone to any particular problems, and are parts easily found? Thank you.


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