Best 72 Volt Hunting Buggy 4×4 | Electric Hunting Golf Cart

Are you looking for the best 72 Volt hunting buggy in 2024? Then you have come to the right place.

The Benefits of a 72 Volt Electric hunting buggy are also very high as compared to a Gas/Petrol powered hunting buggy. It is very quiet which increases your chances of hunting success.

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Best 72 Volt Hunting Buggy

Tracker EV IS

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Tracker Off-Road EV IS

If you want to buy an electric buggy for hunting, then this is a very good option for you.

The tracker electric buggy is a great companion on the trail at a low price, for the hunt or for getting work done it is 4 4-seater electric hunting buggy. The EV IS hunting buggy comes with 72 72-volt AC electric drive train and gives you a comfortable, silent, and clean ride experience.

Tracker electric hunting buggy has 120V AC and 220V AC charging options for fast charging. It has a 1,000 lbs towing capacity and 840 lbs maximum weight capacity it has 38 horsepower.

Its max speed is clocked at 24.5 miles and the max range mode is 16 mph which is less but as a buggy it is good, if you look at the UTVs in this list, you will find more range electric hunting UTVs.

ModelEV IS
Top Speed24.5 mph
Range16 miles
Horsepower38 HP
Ground Clearance16.5 in. (42 cm)
Towing Capacity1,000 lbs (453.6 kg)
Max. weight capacity840 lbs (381 kg)
Person Capacity4
Battery Type72 Volt AC Electric
Motor Type72 Volt (Front and Rear motor)


  • It is a 72 Volt hunting buggy 4×4.
  • It comes with a 72-volt battery.
  • 4 wheel drive system, no single motor electric UTVs can not compete it.


  • It comes with a low distance range.


There are many hunting buggy brands in the market but only a few of them make electric hunting buggies.

But all those buggy brands also make 48-volt electric hunting buggy, after two days of research, I have found the best 72-volt hunting buggy for you. If you are looking for a 72 Volt Hunting Buggy which is better in all respects then I would recommend you to go with Tracker EV IS.

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